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Sys-Btn - My free software
Detailed description of Sys-Btn

Sys-Btn is a software aimed at making backups, on a safe place, of the most important files of your computer. It comes with a wizard-style interface which guides you step by step in the backup process.

It was initially aimed at making backup of Windows 95/98 system files, but the files to backup list being customizable, you can actually use it to backup your own files.

The application able to restore your files is compact and works under DOS. It's thus capable of restoring any type of files under DOS, even read-only ones, while being able to fit on a simple floppy disk. It can be also run automatically on the computer's startup using an Autoexec.bat file, which can be created by the software.

The interface of this software is entirely customizable according to your Windows desktop colors or tastes... By default, it comes in gray tones with gradients on the buttons and a background texture, but you are free to use a green window with green buttons, with or without gradients, with or without textures... You have an option to restore the default settings or automatically configure the software colors according to your Windows desktop. You also have access to some other options to define the copy process speed, or the settings which must be saved on software exit...

Sys-Btn supports command-line parameters, so that you can schedule automatic backups, using shortcuts for example, and comes with documentation in HLP and HTML formats, if needed. It also introduces an advanced error and events management system, which can allow it to support crashes, even if it comes from an unknown source. It writes into log files the detail of the operations done to your disks, and what happened if an error occured. Thanks to this system, you can send me the logs if you encounter an error, which will help me to fix the problem.

Warning! The latest version 1.1 corrects some bugs from version 1.0 (some difficulties of the restore application to copy some files, incompatibilities with disks having more than 2 GB of free space), but, as a result, may no longer be compatible with the first version of Windows 95 (I couldn't test this). However, if new problems occurs with this version, a setting is available in the software options to disable the features which could be the sources of the problems.

Some screenshots from the software

Sys-Btn Sys-Btn Sys-Btn Sys-Btn

Features list and version history

Features of version 1.0

* Easy-to-use, wizard-style interface.
* Predefined setup to backup Windows 95/98 system files.
* Backups the files in a customizable folder.
* Fully customizable backup files list.
* Fully customizable user interface: colors, gradients, textures...
* Command-line parameters support for automatized and scheduled backups, for example, at Windows startup, using a shortcut, etc.
* Compact, DOS-based backup restore application.
* Full and detailed backup process reports.
* Can create Autoexec.bat files with the backup sets.
* Advanced error management system for increased software stability.
* Several options to adjust the files' backup speed, settings which must be saved...
Documentation in HLP and HTML formats.

New features of version 1.1

* Fixes a big bug in the restore application, which had some difficulties, on some PCs, to restore system backup files. From now on, it should be able to restore any file.
* Corrected an incompatibility with disks having more than 2 GB of free space.
* Following the above bug fix, the software *may no longer* be compatible with the first version of Windows 95 (but it remains compatible with Windows 95 OSR-2 and higher). However, an option has been inserted, so that you can ignore the free space testing procedure in case of problems.
* Correction of a minor bug in the report: the indicated free space amount was the one from the disk where Sys-Btn were installed, and not the one from the target disk.
* Changed the icon of the Exit button.
* Some little modifications on a few screenshots from the online help.

List of known bugs in the latest version

Currently, no bugs have been found in the latest version of the software. If you want to submit one, click here.

Download this software and its associated files

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Version 1.1
This is the latest version of the file currently available on this website. As a result, I offer technical support on it.

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This download is in French


Version 1.0
Warning! This version of the file is obsolete, hence, it may contain data which may be out-of-date and erroneous. I do no longer offer technical support on this file, please do not contact me about it anymore.

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