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Calories et Menus - My free software
Detailed description of Calories et Menus

Do you experience weight problems? This software could maybe help you... It can calulate the amount of calories from a food or menu depending of the quantity you eat.

It means that Calories & Menus will be able to tell you how much calories you've consciously (or not) eaten if you took 100 grams of couscous or when you ate a meal composed of 150 grams of salad, 125 grams of beef, 100 gram of pasta, 30 grams of cheese and 150 grams of fruits, for example.

The concept, which may appear complicated at first, is actually quite simple: you choose food among the elements available in the database, you select the quantity you've eaten in grams, you add it to your menu, and you can then add another food, or watch the (sometimes surprising) results...

You can select 8 different food elements for each menu, and you have access to a database of 90 food elements, which will be expanded in future software versions.

Some screenshots from the software

Calories et Menus Calories et Menus

Features list and version history

Features of version 1.0

* 16-bit software running under Windows 3.1.
* Calculates the number of calories from a given food or menu according to the quantities eaten.
* 90 food elements available.
* Up to 8 different food elements per menu.

List of known bugs in the latest version

Currently, no bugs have been found in the latest version of the software. If you want to submit one, click here.

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