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Watch this arrangement's video from YouTube Dark MIDI - SUBWAY SURFERS THEME
Watch this arrangement's video from YouTube Nocturne # 272
Watch this arrangement's video from YouTube (Black Midi) Mary had a little lamb of Death Extreme Edition 12.3 Million Notes
Watch this arrangement's video from YouTube Sunder: Map 16 - Whispers of the Gnarled King
Watch this arrangement's video from YouTube (Black Midi) Arabic Trap 12.6 Million Notes
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12-04-2020 (10.9) : 10 Years of Arachno SoundFont: My Tribute to its users

10 years after its release on December 4th 2010, Arachno SoundFont has been featured in more than 3,850 YouTube videos and 300 SoundCloud tracks, by a growing community of 500+ users releasing new contents everyday!

This video is my tribute to all users of Arachno SoundFont, and highlights some of their records, best works and initiatives I witnessed during this decade.

Thank you all for your support during all those years! Even those I didn't mention in this tribute video. I'd NEVER have expected so much praise and love 10 years later!

12-04-2019 (10.8) : Search arrangements directly from left menu
12-04-2018 (10.7) : Get newly-added arrangements information through RSS feeds
12-04-2017 (10.6) : Introducing my favorite tracks, synthwave playlists
04-30-2017 (10.5.1) : Introducing new Duke It Out In D.C. soundtrack recorded with Arachno SoundFont, and several other artists

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