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Plutonia 2 Music Pack (DOOM) - Game music packs recorded with Arachno SoundFont

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Plutonia 2 Music Pack (DOOM)

Made by NightFright.

NightFright, a member of the Doomworld forums, has recorded all the music tracks from Plutonia 2 using Arachno SoundFont, BASSMIDI Driver and the AIMP audio player/converter.

The pack is available in two variants: a high-quality version aimed at being played on any audio device, and an other version optimized to be used as a replacement soundtrack in the original game, with all files organized and named to be added directly on any DOOM port supporting music packs in ZDoom's format, such as ZDoom itself, GZDoom or Skulltag.

If you want to listen to one of these music packs, you should check this video from a user named Diamhea, who compiled and uploaded the whole Plutonia 2 music pack with timestamp links to switch between all the tracks.

Thanks to both of them for their support!

Music pack information
Original composer(s): James Paddock, Jamie Robertson, Stuart Rynn, Eric Baker, Paul Corfiatis & Julian Aubourg
Released on: 12-06-2013

Original game information
Game: Plutonia 2
Game developer(s): TeamTNT
Released by: TeamTNT
Platform: MS-DOS PC / Windows
Year: 2008


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