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Ali Gator

Ali Gator

Ali Gator is the website of Claude le Moullec, one of my friends. He has a great passion for the Amstrad CPC, which you can discover on his website.

You can download here some of the 80 programs (!) he wrote during seven years on CPC, as disk-images which can be run using a CPC emulator, some of them have also been rewritten in QBasic for PC.

He gave me a chance to increase my knowledge in QBasic programming, by learning me some techniques. He also kindly dedicates a whole section on his website to talk of other author's freeware. Like mine!

Language: This website is in French - http://membres.multimania.fr/tregor22



Clickteam is the website of the "click-creation" range of products, edited by companies like Europress (Klik & Play, The Games Factory...), Corel (Click and Create) abd IMSI (Multimedia Fusion).

You'll find here many information about those products, as well as a FTP site to download the updates, demos, and other Clickteam products like Install Maker or SynchronX.

It's the reference site for all the users of the "click" products range.

Language: This website is multi-lingual or in another language than English or French - http://www.clickteam.com

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