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The Mod Archive

The Mod Archive

The Mod Archive is a website offering modules. These are music files mixing the features of a MIDI and a WAVE file, hence giving files with a reasonable size (sometimes comparable to a MIDI file) but with a quality similar to a WAVE file. These modules come in several different formats (MOD, XM, S3M and IT for the most well-known).

The Mod Archive is, as its name suggests, a very big archive (maybe the biggest from the internet) having tens of thousands of modules from many authors and many genres. There is a search engine to find the music you want, an alphabetical index, a page for each artist, a list of the newly uploaded files, and many other things. It's certainly the best module download site of the web, in terms of quantity, variety, and so, maybe the most famous.

My IT music files are also present on The Mod Archive. Don't hesitate to check for my Artist page!

Language: This website is in English - http://www.modarchive.org

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