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Root Message - Very nice compositions

The Ultimate Doomer - Click here to see the profile of The Ultimate Doomer

Australia - 04-07-2012 @ 13:04:16

Very nice compositions

The two MIDI music tracks (that came with the Arachno soundfont) which I enjoy listening to are very good. They're excellent compositions and were the first MIDIs I tried out with the soundfont - even though being exported from a tracker, they are excellent and I would certainly try out more music from Arachnosoft. :smiling:

Also known as TheUltimateDoomer666

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#1 - Re: Very nice compositions

Maxime Abbey (Webmaster) - Click here to visit the website of Maxime Abbey (Webmaster) - Click here to see the profile of Maxime Abbey (Webmaster)

04-23-2012 @ 05:42:56

Re: Very nice compositions

Many thanks!

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