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This website and the information it carries have been created by me, unless explictly noted, during my own free time. Managing this website and its contents up-to-date requires time, but also imples some costs.

That's why I offer you the opportunity, if you think that my work is worth it, to give me a little financial help. It will help me, among other things, to pay the site's domain name and web hosting, as well as the upgrades of hardware or software I use to create this websites and its resources.

You can give the amount of money you want; the payment is done online, through PayPal, one of the most famous online payment services, and its secure. You can choose the currency (euros, dollars, yens...), as well as the payment method (credit card, MasterCard, Visa...).

This operation gives you a way to thank me for the work I'm doing for you... and for free, to offer a website available to anyone without any access restriction, and it'll encourage me to continue like this.

Even if any contribution is always appreciated, you are not obliged to do so, the website will always remain available to everyone, whether you donated or not. People who offer me some financial help could however be eligible to additional services from this website. Also, any contributor will have the right to ask that any personal information (s)he would have chosen (name, first name, e-mail address, website, given amount of money, etc.) appears on the website..

Thanks in advance to all future contributors.For further information, or if you want to donate without having to go through PayPal, feel free to contact me.


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