Get my new Super Mario World - Introduction & Map Medley arrangement recorded with Arachno SoundFont!
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12-04-2016 (10.5) : Additional filters to find Arachno SoundFont arrangements

The Arachno SoundFont user arrangements count keeps growing everyday, and I thought it was time, to celebrate the website's 16th birthday, to think about some additional tools to better find those you're willing to like the most.

On the Arrangements page, you'll now find two additional filtering criteria: either by subcategory, such as games, film or song covers, or, most importantly, by keywords. So, you can now click on arrangements' titles, composers, and other metadata to filter only those corresponding to this data - or even input your own keywords.

10-13-2016 (10.4.1) : Duke Nukem 3D "World Tour" Edition compared to the original(s)
05-01-2016 (10.4) : New "medley" arrangement from Super Mario World.
12-04-2015 (10.3) : Focusing on latest arrangements recorded with Arachno SoundFont
05-15-2015 (10.2) : New "underground" arrangement from Super Mario Bros.

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