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2 film/movie soundtrack cover arrangements from miscellaneous users matching keywords "드빌마스터DJ" are available.

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Wayne Lytle - Animusic 1.5 - Pipe Dream 악보제작

Made by 드빌마스터DJ.

Wayne Lytle - Animusic 1.5 - Pipe Dream 악보제작

Listen to or watch online:

Arrangement information
Source: Interpretation (cover) of original music
Title: Animusic 1.5 - Pipe Dream 악보제작
Composer(s): 드빌마스터DJ
Original composer(s): Wayne Lytle
Released on: 08-03-2017
Duration: 03:27

Original film information
Film: Animusic
Film director(s): Wanye Lytle, Goldhill Home Media
Released by: Wanye Lytle, Goldhill Home Media
Year: 2001

Dream High - 드림하이 오케스트라

Made by 드빌마스터DJ.

Dream High - 드림하이 오케스트라

Listen to or watch online:

Arrangement information
Source: Interpretation (cover) of original music
Title: 드림하이 오케스트라
Composer(s): 드빌마스터DJ
Original composer(s): Ok Taec-yeon, Jang Woo-young, Bae Suzy, Kim Soo-hyun, JOO
Released on: 06-25-2017
Duration: 01:37

Original film information
Film: Dream High
Film director(s): Lee Eung-bok
Released by: Korean Broadcasting System
Year: 2011

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